Hi there! Luke here.

I figure you’re on this page because you want to know about me and this site.

I’ll start with a warm, personal introduction of myself. I got my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic, when I was 5 years old as a birthday gift from my dad.

Since then, I’ve been using my camera to chase and photograph my turtle, dog, stones, sister (yes, she was really annoyed back then) and whatever objects I can find. I was truly in love with photography.

However, love always brings jealously. I was jealous of my dad’s magnificent Nikon F2 SLR. He wouldn’t allow me to play with his SLR and was very good in hiding it from my sight. I had to wait until I’m 17 to get my first SLR, a Nikon F3.

After getting my Nikon F3, I was infected by a disease that plague all SLR owners. That infamous disease is called the “lens lust” disease. I started dreaming about lenses and my expenses for lens was out of control.

Fortunately, I didn’t go broke and learned quite a lot from my spending spree. My experience gave me the knowledge on what to look for and what to avoid when buying a lens. I also know how to test a lens’ quality to make sure I don’t get a lemon.

Recently, I’ve switched to Digital SLR and has been using quite a few cameras and lenses. Although Tamron is not the only lens that I use, I decided to put all my findings and knowledge about Tamron lenses on this site. In the future, I will build more lens review sites for Nikkor, Sigma, Pentax, Tokina and Olympus.

Please note that Tamron and other manufacturers don’t pay me for my review (I wish!). My motivation here is to give you a concise, unbiased review on their product so you know which one to buy and which one to avoid.

What’s different about the review here is that I try to keep the technical jargon to a minimum. There will be no MTF chart, no resolution figures and no images of brick walls. There are plenty of in-depth technical reviews out there and you can Google it.

What I’ll do instead is give you the most important, condensed information for each lens in the most straightforward and non-technical style. So, instead of giving you the full Resolution chart and graphs, I’d just summarize “The sharpest aperture for this 60mm lens is at f/5.6.”

I believe that this kind of information will be very helpful for your buying decision and your photography. My wish is to aid you find the perfect lens that suit your needs so you can keep taking great pictures and experience the joy of being a photographer.

Finally, as a last word, I’d like to say that this lens review site is dedicated to all photographers out there.

Luke Darma

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I figure you’re on this page because you want to know about me and this site.

I’ll start with a warm, personal introduction…